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Oras Invest strategy

About Us

Oras Invest strategy

Industrial Owners Strategy

Our goal is to capitalize on the strengths that make us stand out from financial investors

Our family business background has had a strong influence on defining the nature and objectives of Oras Invest as an industrial owner. Oras Invest’s strategy is guided by sustainable value creation throughout economic fluctuations, and when necessary, bold moves and preparations for challenging times. Committed ownership, long-term development and value creation are permanent factors of our strategy. We work in close cooperation with other significant owners, boards, management, and other stakeholders.

The perspective and operating model of a long-term owner differs from the actions of a financial investor, although the basic objective of value creation is important for both. We are committed to the companies we own and support them through thick and thin with a long-term view. We look beyond economic cycles and to us, active industrial ownership means contributing to the long-term development of the companies we own. Within our network we have unique industrial expertise especially in the building, water and bio-based materials value chains.

Oras Invest aims to be in a decision-making position. In listed companies, our goal is to be the largest owner, while in the case of unlisted companies we aim for majority ownership. We direct our earned dividends toward growing our net asset value and strengthening our balance sheet to be able to support the growth of our current companies and to invest in new industrial ownerships.

Industrial owner's strategy

As an industrial owner, Oras Invest participates actively in the development of its companies.
We are active on the boards of directors and nomination boards of the companies we own and exert influence during general meetings of shareholders.
We assess the development opportunities, strategies and value creation potential of our companies.
We work in close and constructive cooperation with the management of our companies and have a continuous dialogue with the other significant owners and the closest stakeholders.
We evaluate the management competences of our companies and have a significant role in their remuneration policies through our board positions.
We promote our companies to become leaders in all aspects of sustainability in their own industries and to continuously improve their sustainability performance.
We participate in ensuring that the capital structures of our companies remain healthy, giving them strength for development and renewal, and for building a sustainable future.

New industrial ownerships

Oras Invest has a strong balance sheet and we have capacity to invest in new and our current industrial ownerships. Oras Invest focuses on established industrial companies with long-term value creation potential. Our core industries are building, water and bio-based materials, but we also look at companies in closely related sectors where we can together with our network add value. Our focus is on Northern European manufacturing companies with global operations.

Our goal is to be the largest owner in listed companies and to have a majority stake in private companies. The minimum value for Oras Invest’s stake in new ownerships is roughly EUR 100 million.