About Us

Our way of working

About Us

Our way of working

Purpose & vision


Oras Invest focuses its ownership on industrial companies, which operate in the building, water and bio-based material value chains. We develop our companies through active board work and close cooperation with the management and other owners. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable value, which we measure by the development of our net asset value.


Oras Invest is and will remain in family ownership. We aspire to be the best owner of selected industrial companies, with long-term commitment. The companies under our ownership are the best long-term performers in their industries. They attract the most competent people and a committed owner base.

Our values


Ownership cannot be claimed without an open and honest approach, respect for work and fair play. The responsibilities of ownership are greater than its priviledges.


By endurance we state that there is continuity and competence in our work and we are driven by sustainable value creation.


By commitment we express our long-term commitment to our companies and stakeholders; and to our family.


By vitality we demonstrate our aim to develop the business by seeking re-generation and innovative ownership ideas.

Taking the long view, with sustainable values

Good ownership

Good ownership is a value and way of life understood by Oras Invest. It requires an honest, open and responsible approach, respect for work, and fair play. As an active industrial owner, we look beyond economic fluctuations.

Vitality, commitment and endurance

Vitality, commitment and endurance form the basis for Oras Invest’s continuous, long-term value creation. We ensure that the companies we own are proactive and able to renew themselves. Our commitment to their long-term development is tangible. We put our competence and experience at our companies’ disposal.

We take responsibility

We take responsibility for ensuring that our companies have solid ownership structures, as well as great boards of directors and CEOs. These are the basic prerequisites for solid value creation and constant improvement. A company will only be able to fulfill its social responsibility if it operates profitably on a solid base and creates value.