Industrial counselor Erkki Paasikivi, born in 1917, accomplished his life’s work in Finland after the Second World War. He founded the faucet company Oras Oy in 1945 and was the CEO of the company until 1978. He continued in the family business as the Chairman of the Board until 1996. After resigning from his operative duties at the company, he devoted his time to arts, designing gold and silver jewelry and abstract metal sculptures. In the Rauma region Erkki was known as a friend of music and fine arts, and he actively supported the local artists. This is how the idea of establishing a foundation was born.

The decision to establish the Erkki Paasikivi Foundation was made in 1986 and it began its operations the following year.

The foundation’s strategy was updated in 2022. Clean water is a prerequisite for a functioning society, and its effects on health, general living standards and equality of opportunity are substantial. It is also a major issue for the mankind trying to adapt to climate change and fighting against it. The changing environment affects water availability and quality almost everywhere. The need to develop new technologies and practices is enormous. The work of Erkki Paasikivi foundation is based on strong evidence that access to clean water in the world can be significantly improved through research, innovation and education. The foundation’s focus is on supporting research and education projects on clean domestic water and housing solutions in Finland, as well as related national and international cooperation. In addition, the foundation supports local culture in Rauma with an emphasis on young people.

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