Oras Invest’s Year 2023: Portfolio renewal amidst new realities

“The main event of 2023 for Oras Invest was the acquisition of Uponor by Georg Fischer. While we entered the year excited about Uponor’s performance and future opportunities as a standalone company, we are equally excited about the prospects of the combined business of Georg Fischer and Uponor. Together, the two form a global leader […]

Oras Invest supports the announced combination of Uponor and GF

Swiss industrial company Georg Fischer AG (“Georg Fischer” or “GF”) has today announced a voluntary recommended public cash tender offer for all shares in Uponor Corporation (“Uponor”) at EUR 28.85 per share (the “Tender Offer”). The Tender Offer is conditional upon, among other things, GF having gained control of more than fifty (50) percent of […]

Oras Invest does not intend to accept Aliaxis’s potential offer

Belgium-based Aliaxis has today, on 17 April 2023, made a non-binding intention to acquire all Uponor’s shares through a public tender offer. Oras Invest as the largest owner of Uponor (25.7%) has evaluated the potential offer for its own part according to its normal procedures. “Uponor is a strategic ownership for Oras Invest. The company […]

Oras Invest’s year 2022: Continued resilience in an uncertain macro environment

“Contrary to what we hoped for, the geopolitical and business environment in 2022 turned out even more challenging than its predecessor. We are proud of how well our companies navigated through the macroeconomic headwinds despite lower delivery volumes in many businesses”, says President & CEO Annika Paasikivi. Oras Invest is the largest owner of the […]

Oras Invest Helsinki office has moved

Oras Invest’s Helsinki office has moved. The new address is Erottajankatu 2 A, 4th floor, 00120 Helsinki, Finland. Email addresses and phone numbers remain unchanged.

Oras Invest’s year 2021: Positive year despite the challenging external environment

Oras Invest’s year 2021 was a year of positive development for Oras Invest companies. The demand for the products of Oras Invest companies accelerated despite the many challenges caused by the external environment. “The continuing pandemic circumstances, supply shortages, rising inflation and tensions in geopolitics did not discourage Oras Invest companies from doing their utmost […]

Oras Invest’s year 2020: Strong development in exceptional conditions

Oras Invest’s year 2020 was remarkable in many ways. The uncertainty due to COVID-19 pandemic complicated the businesses and made Oras Invest and its companies prepare for the worst in the beginning of the year. In terms of financial results, however, Oras Invest companies performed well during the year. “Some industries suffered more than others […]

Oras Invest has agreed to sell its Tikkurila shareholding directly to PPG

Oras Invest has signed an agreement to sell its 20.01 per cent shareholding in Tikkurila directly to PPG for EUR 34.00 per share. Oras Invest’s decision provides increased overall deal security and a significantly higher price that will be offered to all Tikkurila shareholders by PPG in the public tender offer. “Tikkurila is a great […]

Oras Invest considers the tender offer by PPG to be favourable for Tikkurila’s long-term growth prospects, and as the largest owner of Tikkurila is committed to accepting the tender offer

Today, the Board of Directors of Tikkurila has announced its recommendation to the shareholders to accept the tender offer for all shares in the company by PPG. As the largest owner of Tikkurila with a shareholding of 20.01 per cent, Oras Invest considers the offer favourable for Tikkurila’s growth prospects and stakeholders. Oras Invest has […]

Oras Invest’s Year 2019: Stable and forward-looking ownership

In 2019, Oras Invest focused on supporting the long-term strategic development of its four industrial companies, Oras Group, Uponor, Kemira, and Tikkurila. During the year, Oras Invest increased its ownership in Kemira by 2%-points to over 20%. In 2019, the combined net sales of the owned companies totalled EUR 4.6 billion and they employed approximately […]