Oras Invest in brief

Oras Invest is a family-owned company with 75 years of industrial entrepreneurship tradition. Its current industrial holdings are Oras Group, Uponor and Kemira. At the end of 2020 the net asset value of Oras Invest was EUR 1.2 billion.

Aggregate key figures 2020

Net sales
EUR 4.4 billion


Operating in
40 countries

Oras Invest key figures 2020

Net asset value (NAV), EUR million 1,237 (882)

Dividends received, EUR million 33 (31)

Total shareholder return (TSR) 41% (40%)

Shareholders’ equity, EUR million 673 (645)

Balance sheet total, EUR million 719 (690)

Equity ratio 94% (93%)

Loan-to-value ratio 2% (4%)

Industrial ownership


Oras Invest focuses its ownership on industrial companies, which operate in the building and water industries. We develop our companies through active Board work and close cooperation with the management and other owners. Our aim is to create long-term sustainable value, which we measure by the development of our net asset value.


Oras Invest is and will remain in family ownership. We aspire to be the best owner of selected industrial companies, with long-term commitment. The companies under our ownership are the best long-term performers in their industries. They attract the most competent people and a committed owner base.

Taking the long view, with sustainable values

By COMMITMENT we express our long-term commitment to our companies and stakeholders; and to our family.

By VITALITY we demonstrate our aim to develop the business by seeking re-generation and innovative ownership ideas.

By ENDURANCE we state that there is continuity and competence in our work and we are driven by sustainable value creation.

OWNERSHIP cannot be claimed without an open and honest approach, respect for work and fair play. The responsibilities of
ownership are greater than its priviledges.

An active owner’s strategy

Committed ownership, long-term development and value growth are permanent factors of our strategy. We look beyond economic trends and work in close cooperation with the other owners, Boards, management and all interest groups.

Sustainable value creation – influencing through active ownership

Sustainable value creation has always been at the core of Oras Invest and its companies’ operations. As a responsible and active owner, we have integrated sustainability closely into our value creation strategy. We have built a specific framework that defines the most important sustainability topics for Oras Invest and our sustainability related expectations for our companies as an owner. We influence through our board positions and through active dialogue with the management teams and other significant owners. We continuously monitor the progress of our companies in cooperation with management and through annual reviews.

Oras Invest supports the Sustainable Development Goals and the goals have been integrated into our sustainability framework. As a result of detailed analysis, we have selected four SDGs to focus on: Water (6), Decent Work and Economic Growth (8), Responsible Consumption and Production (12), and Climate Action (13).


President and CEO
Annika Paasikivi
b. 1975, Finnish citizen, M.Sc. (Global Politics)

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Chief Investment Officer
Ville Kivelä
b. 1975, Finnish citizen, M.Sc. (Econ.)

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Chief Financial Officer
Heli Leskinen
b. 1987, Finnish citizen, M.Sc. (Econ.)

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Executive Assistant
Anniina Myllyperkiö
b. 1978, Finnish citizen, BBA

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Board of Directors


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Annika Paasikivi

Ville Kivelä

Heli Leskinen
Chief Financial Officer

Anniina Myllyperkiö
Executive Assistant